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Malta island is located in the Mediterranean Sea nearly south of the Italian Island Sicily and North of Libya; even though Malta is a European island.
The capital is Valetta, a city that boasts one of the highest concentration of historic structures of anywhere in the world. The city is a Mecca for lovers of history, as indeed are all the islands in the archipelago, as shown by the numerous museums and exhibitions.
The landscape of Malta and the other islands are characterised by terraced fields, dry vegetation, rock and limestone; this is due to the long hours of strong sunshine that the Islands receive throughout the year and because there are no permanent rivers or lakes in Malta.
The island are still staunchly Roman Catholic due to the shipwrecking of St. Paul on the island around 60AD, and there is a beautiful church or secluded chapel for every day of the year.
The climate of the island consists of long dry summers and year round sunshine, the perfect climate to enjoy holiday. Finally, the best way to see Malta is by just getting out and doing it. Hire a car and just go; there are, also, public busses that will take you around the island.

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